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Fur Dubbing for Fly Tying

Riverwood's dubbing material products are sheared, dyed and blended right here in Oregon. In many cases, the tanning process is performed at our location as well. Attention to detail is a top priority in the production of our dubbing, hair and fur products. We use the materials we produce in our own flies and jigs. So maybe we're "control freaks", but maintaining some control over the materials you use and sell isn't such a bad thing, is it?

Not sure what dubbing to use for a particular pattern? See our Dubbing Reference for some suggestions.

*Due to certain laws, rules and other restrictions, some of our dubbing products are not available to non-U.S. shoppers. See our International Order Policy for more information.

Nature's Finest - Rabbit
Rabbit Fur Dubbing Dispenser

Rabbit Fur Dubbing Refill Pack
Rabbit Dubbing is probably the most versatile of all dubbing products. It takes and holds color very well, can be treated with floatant for use in dry flies, and makes a great nymph and wet fly dubbing. When wet, it flows nicely in the water for a realistic look.

Colors can be blended for varying tones and hues. It also blends well with synthetic products like antron or rayon when you want more sparkle or shine.

Every Fly Tier should have a variety of Rabbit Dubbing on hand for general purpose use. The more colors, the better. Match any Hatch with Rabbit!


Nature's Finest - Variety
Nature's Variety Dubbing Dispenser

Nature's Variety Dubbing Refill Pack
Nature's Variety dubbing is premium stuff! For those tiers that like to stay true to the history of a fly pattern - this is the product for you.

Our selection of natural furs includes; Beaver, Muskrat, Nutria, Oppossum, Eastern Red Squirrel, Grey Squirrel, Mole, Woodchuck, Rabbit, Fox and Mink.

Dry Flies, Nymphs, Buggers - you name it! There's something in this package for everyone.


Nature's Finest - Angora
Angora Dubbing Dispenser

Angora Refill Package
Angora Dubbing (aka Mohair) comes from goats, originally from the high mountains of Turkey, domesticated and raised all over the world these days. The wool from these animals is commonly used is sweaters, gloves and scarves. However, some time ago, fly tiers discovered the product and realized the value of it as dubbing material.

It takes and holds color extremely well, with an added bonus - Colors are sharp, crisp and have great shine. As a steelhead fly tier, I swear by the stuff. Nothing else compares in my opinion - at least none that are legally aquired these days.

Classic salmon fly tiers will also find this product useful as a substitute for endangered, illegal, or hard to find dubbing.


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